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Learning platform

When you study with us, you will be using insendi, our digital learning experience platform.
Through insendi, we create an engaging study environment that enables you to make full use of your programme.

What is insendi?

Our award-winning digital learning platform is designed to make your studies as engaging and inspiring as possible – ensuring that you’re ready to join your undergraduate or postgraduate degree with confidence.

Online Pre-Masters Programme Demonstration

insendi is:

Easy to use

We know that technical issues can really hinder your learning experience, so insendi is simple and intuitive – enabling you to study more effectively. Our expert faculty will also be able to guide you through any issues you may have.


Whether you want to watch live lectures, re-watch recordings, have a one-to-one with your tutor, complete group work, or submit an assessment, insendi allows you to do it all from the comfort of your own home.


With dedicated support staff available at the click of a button, and a bustling interactive forum where you can ask your fellow students for help, give feedback, or have lively debates, you’ll feel a part of a supportive international community from day one.

How you learn

You can access everything you need for online study through insendi. Our innovative learning experience platform is designed around your needs as an online learner.

Your programme is easily accessible from your computer, tablet or mobile phone, which means you have full flexibility wherever you are. All learning activities and tasks are always available to study at a time that works for you.

When you are learning on the platform, short videos introduce learning objectives and themes for weekly learning and follow-up activities encourage active learning — allowing you to engage with your teachers and fellow students.

Your learning activities

Activities on our platform will start by introducing you to a new topic and guiding you through the key information that you need to know. There will be regular checking activities where you can demonstrate your learning and check your understanding. Once you have understood the foundations of the topic, you will move to application and discussion activities where you will use the information to respond to authentic questions and problems. This can include activities like the following:

  • Interactive table – tables with options for multiple choice or free text answers
  • Sticky Note – brainstorm/categorisation type activity (good for generating ‘community feel’)
  • Whiteboard/Question/Quick answer check – task or question with answers and feedback
  • Open Discussion – where you can provide a written response to a given question. You will also be asked to look at your peers’ responses and add a comment or a question to their ideas.
  • Geotagging – which allows you to pinpoint a location on a map and write a response to a question. This activity allows you to see all the locations your peers’ have indicated on the map and share your answers

Each week, you will complete platform-based learning activities, which is fully supported through your timetable of teacher-led sessions, live classes, small group workshops and tutorials.

Teacher-led sessions are attended and live and can be watched later to fit in with your personal schedule. In addition, you will benefit from live sessions each week where you will exchange ideas, offer input and see out viewpoints from fellow students and teachers from across the globe.

Within an academic module, you will experience a learning community that will put theory into practice by solving real-world problems within a 60-minute live class. Your learning is brought to life through evidence and real-life case studies to build your future career confidence.

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Our programmes are available to study digitally from anywhere in the world using our innovative insendi platform. Discover the benefits of online study with us.

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