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University Progression Options

It’s all about choice: What is a multi-articulation programme?

Multi-articulation is all about choice.

With our programmes, you will develop the university-level skills that you need to succeed on your degree – but you do not have to decide on which university you want to progress to until after you start your programme. This is different from a single-articulation programme, where you need to have a particular university in mind and commit to that university before you start your studies.

With Study Group Digital Learning, you will study the academic and English language modules relevant to your subject area, while keeping your university options open.  This allows you to:

  • Experience the UK education system.
  • Discover what you are good at.
  • Have time to become more confident in your studies.
  • Benefit from personalised guidance to help you select the right university.

What are your progression options?

Guaranteed conditional offer progression

You will receive letters of guaranteed conditional progression* from a range of universities when you receive your offer to study one of our programmes. The number of letters you receive will depend on which programme you have applied to study.

Each of these letters lists the degree courses you can progress to as well as detailing the university’s progression requirements that you will need to meet. Each letter is specific to that university and entry requirements will vary. This enables us to provide university options to a wide range of students, allowing you to see what you need to achieve to progress to a specific university.

Recognising universities

You will also have the choice to apply to a wide range of other universities which recognise our programmes and will accept applications from our students.

These universities have a range of entry requirements, allowing us to provide you with the widest choice of university progression options. Some of these universities provide a list of degrees you can progress to, together with the entry requirements you will need to meet.

For both of these options, you will need to apply directly to the university.

To find out where you can progress to for your programme, check out our programme pages:

University Ready

With so many university options, you may not know where to start. Part of our offer to you is to ensure that we match you to the right university for you. Our University Ready Programme provides additional support and guidance in choosing the right university to apply and progress to.

With University Ready, you will develop the skills that impress universities and help you stand out in your university application.

  • We are committed to helping you to achieve your academic ambitions and are here to support you on your path to a rewarding education at university
  • Running throughout our programmes and alongside the academic and AES modules, our unique University Ready Programme supports you in your university choices and application process
  • Support starts from the moment you first start your programme
  • You will participate in our university fairs, skills development and career ready workshops and receive one-to-one coaching
  • We’ll give expert counselling about which university, degree and programme is right for you
  • We make the application process easy, and you'll receive personalised assistance from our University Ready Team – all included in your tuition fee
  • We will lead you through the admissions process with step-by-step support and will review supporting documents to ensure that your application is complete.

All included in your tuition fee.

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Student studying on laptop with headphones on

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Its all about choice. Our programmes offer a wide range of university progression options. With our University Ready Programme we’ll help you choose the right university for you.

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How to apply

Find out how to apply and learn more about how we support you during your application.

* Letters of guaranteed progression subject to: successful completion of academic programme, meeting university progression requirements and submission of university application. Only for degree programmes listed and conditions stated on conditional progression letters.

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